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Mobile-friendly Hero Michael Teaches


As part our commitment to providing the best free educational games on the internet, Smartygames has created this unique mobile- friendly Hero Michael Teaches Math game that makes learning the clock and practice the basic math operations really fun! Struggling to learn how to tell the time? Bored to solve worksheet after worksheet to practice your basic math operations? Don’t worry! Hero Michael is here to save the day! This game is a fun way to learn. A clock or a math question is shown on the screen, and three to five keys have answers – but only one is the correct one. You have to jump your way around platforms and ladders to get to the key, dodging enemies and other hazards in a way that would put other heroes to shame! Along the way, you can pick up coins to boost your score. Take care though, you only have three lives – get caught by an enemy and you lose a life, and you lose one too if you grab the wrong key. That can be tricky at times too – be careful where you jump so you don’t grab the wrong key by accident. As the levels go up, you can get rewards and high scores, it is up to you to help Hero Michael get out of trouble. Great for Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade and 4th Grade. Available as a stand-alone App for Android and Amazon Kindle.