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Math Games
Hero Michael, Platform game Help Hero Michael to save the Princess. You can choose between addition, substraction, multiplication or division questions.
Hero Michael in the Enchanted Forest Hero Michael is in the forest and his adventure is more challenging now. Practice fractions and basic math operations with numbers up to 100. Have fun!
Hero Michael and the Pirates The pirates made the island dirty, help Hero Michael to clean up and save the Earth. Practice your math and have fun!
Hero Michael Teaches Math New mobile- friendly Hero Michael game that teaches the clock and the basic math operations.
Space Math Sharpen your math skills with our Space Math game. Shoot your laser to the correct answer for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division sentences.
Multiplication Table Test how fast you can complete the table. Click an answer card on the left, then drag it to the correct multiplication problem on the table. Ready, set, go!
K-Math Practice Math is fun, practice your counting, addition and subtraction skills. On your marks, get set, GO!
Addition and Subtraction Practice Test how fast you can add or subtract 1,2,3 or 5-Digit Numbers. Choose your level and get ready, set, GO!
Multiplication Practice Practice makes perfect. Test your multiplication skills against the clock. Four skill levels available.!
Hero Michael, Saves the School Help Hero Save the School! Martians hid the school supplies. Use your math knowledge to help Hero Michael save the school.
Space Mining This is an innovative Two-Player Game. You can have a math duel in space and learn. Enjoy it with your family and friends.
Math Ski Jumps Add, substract, multiply or divide as fast as you can to help the skier jump very far or even make him fly! Enjoy it with friends and family. The best score is always shown.
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